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THE SWORD "Warp Riders" CD
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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 13 March 2011 17:34

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Taking influences from bands like Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Budgie, texan THE SWORD are among those bands that bring back the stoner style back to light ! "Warp Riders" is the band's third album and they deliver those "old" sounding tunes, made in the mould of the 70's Hard-Rock - making this album their most mature one to date ! After two previous albums "Age Of Winters" (2006) and "Gods Of The Earth" (2008), it is the first time for THE SWORD to deliver a concept album based on sci-fi... They perpetuate the old-tradition of the 70's & 80's in delivering concept-albums, something that has become more & more rare nowadays... musically, of course, I can't say it's completely new, we all know too much how the 70's do sound like, but this album is very interesting and good to listen to ! Some songs are sounding thrashy like "Astraea's Dream" (with riffs that could have been written by Hetfield/Hammet for sure !), some songs are more NWOBHM influenced-like ("Night City") but the whole remains really in a 70's Doom/Stoner Rock vein with leaden guitar riffs that Toni Iommi would not deny at all ! A very good album that really deserves your attention for sure !

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