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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 19 March 2011 13:07

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This demo is for sure not new since released in 2009 BUT the band is SO great that it's a duty to speak about them here ! GREAT AWAKENING are hailing from Florida/USA and made of four young metal maniacs - which makes this demo even more incredible because when listening to the music, one definitely get impressed by the quality of the compositions, the skill of the musicians and the maturity of the songs ! It looks like they have all been playing their instruments for 20 years and I'm not even sure they're all 20 in the band ha ! Something I'd like to insist on, is that in NO way this band  play retro-thrash, for sure they take influences from the biggest 80's bands of the genre (Death Angel, Flotsam & Jetsam, Exodus, Heathen, Testament, Overkill, Forbidden... mostly US bands and NOT the worst ones !) but develop a very unique energy and also throw in their music, elements from various metal genres like speed/power and even a bit of death-metal (only in the music, not in the vocals !) which really gives them their own identity and makes this three-song demo a real pleasure to listen to ! The riffs are all kick ass and never repetitive, some rhythmical parts will for sure break your neck and some guitar solos are really crazy and twisted ! Another very interesting element of GREAT AWAKENING is for sure the vocal part - always furious but mixing too well melody & ferocity ! Vocals are always clear and understandable and catch your attention from the beginning to the end ! In a word, I'd say GREAT AWAKENING have to be on your top-list of the next bands to discover ! From the latest infos, new songs are ready, so I hope we can get a new release soon that will undoubtly confirm my good impressions written here !


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