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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 19 March 2011 13:34

Big Dick Records

"T.C.F." stands for Thrash Core Fanatics - need some more explanations ? I think it's enough for you to figure out what this band is about ! T.C.F. is a metal-hard-core three piece from The Netherlands and the influences are undoublty to be found in bands like Anthrax (time of "Spreading The Disease/Among The Living"), Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., S.O.D, Whiplash, Agnostic Front, Hirax, Verbal Abuse to name a few... so if you're looking for sweet & delicate melody, please close this page ;-)
"Speed Or Bleed" is the second band's release and is made of 5 songs for a playing time that is not longer than 12 minutes ! Right in the old-hardcore tradition ! Musically, this is fast, raw & aggressive but with a positive attitude & energy that is constantly kicking your ass - and you can really feel the spirit of the bands previously named as major influences ! Most of the tempos are fast or even faster, but from time to time, slower breaks appear here & there, like "mosh" parts that will really give you the will to jump everywhere in your room ! Vocals are very rude and remind me of Billy Milano on "Speak English Or Die" album... The musical content is really coherent, songs are well-balanced (between hard-core elements for the overall energy and speed/thrash ones for some very cool guitar solos) and well structured. I'm not sure I can say T.C.F. are renewing the style but I doubt this is their aim but they definitely perpetuate the old-school hard-core/metal style with class & maturity and this will for sure please all Thrash-Core Fanatics around !

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