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FRANTIC AMBER "Wrath Of Judgement" EP-CD
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Written by Fab   
Saturday, 26 March 2011 17:20

BlueFreya Media

FRANTIC AMBER are a five-piece all-female band formed in 2008 in Sweden... Three years later, the girls are able to throw to the face of the world their debut release made of 5 songs of an intense mix of Death and Thrash-Metal with a very modern approach... the whole is very aggressive, not so fast, mostly on mid-tempos but always with twisted & deranged-like atmospheres... They at times reminds me of french SUPURATION (time of "The Cube")... The music could be described as a mix of CARCASS, VOIVOD (time of "Dimension Hatross") GOREFEST... It's damn heavy, sick & dark... and oppressing ! That's pretty much influenced by the early Swedish Death-Metal style but with a modern approach and probably alot more melody in the guitars, the production is really clear & powerful and the vocals are definitely raw & growling-like - right in style but I noticed on "The Awakening", vocalist Elizabeth goes for a change with clearer vocals and the result is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. ! I'm sure if she keeps on mixing both styles of vocals, this is what could make the difference between FRANTIC AMBER and the other bands playing the same style of music and will get them to go out of the mass ! This is a very very good debut release by FRANTIC AMBER that definitely have a great potential ! We should hear from the band soon again !

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