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INVECTION "Facet Of Aberration" CD
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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 27 March 2011 09:40



INVECTION are a new band from San Franscisco/USA formed in 2007 by rather young musicians taking influences in the old-school US Thrash in the veins of Death Angel, Vio-Lence, Testament, Overkill, Sacred Reich, Exodus, Slayer... This "Facet Of Aberration" is their first album, after they did two demos and three Eps... Huh, the dudes were really active in four years ! This album is made of 10 songs that really impress because of the technical level of the musicians and their abilities in creating solid aggressive - yet melodious - thrash metal ! Most songs are of course fast or really fast but always complex in their arrangements and structures, many breaks here and there that get you surprised very often, they play with much conviction & control and honestly I'm sure you wouldn't think the guys got formed only 4 years ago, they really sound fuckin'professional !!! Production is very clear (not too modern) & powerful and the vocal lines are most of the time very very aggressive/angry with touches from the hard-core singing style (SOD/DRI/Agnostic Front)... The influences of the previously named bands are of course big, but the pleasure to listen to the album remains throughout the 10 songs because INVECTION are no copy-cat, they do it with much class and I'd say all fans of old-school US Thrash & Hard-Core Metal should definitely check them out !


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