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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 16:00

Sterne/Sony Music

French guitar-hero Yann Armellion returns with not what I could call a brand new album because the content is made of old songs revisited and some covers... maybe that's the reason for its title "Revisited" - Hmmm... what do you think ? Haha ! Most of the songs are  instrumental ones and that's maybe what can prevent some listeners from showing interest to this album... 
First song is "Rock Fort Show" with its percussive rhythmical section and this great heavy-blues feeling ! Very good & refreshing ! "Smile" is more heavy-rock oriented, the guitar solos are all great but sometimes I think it's too demonstrative, while the rythmical section is a bit monotonous... That's what I regret a bit when listening to the songs actually... The lack of diversity when it comes to rhythmical sections... Too much guitar-oriented... I'm afraid only guitar-players will take pleasure to listen to such an album... for sure, that's not a bad album but that's not for simple entertainment either... But Yann's talent is obvious, the guys know how to play guitar, I can't deny it (I'd be a terrible asshole to do so haha !) and for all guitar-players, this album is something to experience !
The second part of the album is a bit more interesting for the non-musicians I think... because made of good old songs.... "Crossroads" from legendary bluesman Robert JOHNSON... What a pleasure to hear vocals here ! And what vocals !!! Tony LINDSAY of SANTANA - this version is just amazing ! Other coversongs are "Keep Me Comin'" from KISS and "Imagine" from John LENNON... all instrumental... while orginal versions were yet written with... Let the guitar do the talkin... ? That's it ? Well, it's well done for sure... but being not particularly a six-string guitar fan, it's like there's something missing to give me the final kick... 
Don't get me wrong, this ain't bad at all... It's even very good... but I think this kind of album is not for the masses, probably more for guitarist players at first...

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