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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 16:06


AKENTRA had released a first EP/CD made of 5 songs in 2009 that got good responses from the medias & rock-gothic-metal fans... "Asleep" is their first full-legth album released in 2010 (yep, sorry for the delays !). The production of this album is very good, clear & compact, the band worked hard on this for sure and they released a very nice-looking booklet that all fans of gothic romances will love for sure hehe... Now about the music... In all honesty I'm not the FAN #1 for that kind of style, but objectively, this is not the worst album I have ever had so far... Songs are catchy with good balance between power & melody and they're all very varied from each other, I mean, you don't think you're listening to the same song all the time, the band really have abilities to compose quality gothic-rock songs adding here & there electro ("New Game") or modern metal touches ("Twelve")... To be noticed the good ballad "Alone" with its (short but efficient) guitar-solo in the end that is full of emotions... On the vocal duty, that's no surprise to see it's a female singer (so usual in this particular style) but no bad words about Lucia, her style of singing is well in place and she doesn't pretend to be an "opera" singer, her style is way more direct with a strong "pop-rock" identity... and varied enough to enlighten the songs... This is definitely NOT a bad album, rather a very good one if you like the gothic-rock-metal style and I'd easily recommend this to fans of bands like Lacuna Coil and Delain... they surely can't be disappointed !


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