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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 16:12

ANKAMA Records

Well, this band was totally unknow to me until I put my hands of the CD... Nice cover but that doesn't say much about the style... Once you went through the first song, that is actually an intro - considering the short timing of 1'26 with influences from the early Grunge days (Pearl Jam/Soundgarden), you get surprised by the MASSIVE dose of very energic ROCK the band delivers ! When I say "Massive", I mean it !! It's damn Heavy with doomy guitar riffs, powerful clear vocals mixed with scorched ones and the whole is insanely CATCHY !!! Sounds to me like a mix of bands like Monster Magnet, Mustach, High On Fire, Buried Inside & Zoroaster... I mean, it's fuckin' Bad Ass Rock'n'roll for the attitude but definitely Heavy/Doomy when it comes to the atmospheres ! There's an overall feeling of anger, rage & despair on this album, but these feelings are definitely expressed and combined with much conviction & class ! To me, this album could be the soundtrack to the end of a world with dark & apocalyptic visions... when all hope is lost... a very pessimistic release... but beautiful at the same time...This band definitely sounds like what typical american dirty heavy Rock'n'Roll can deliver at its best - you definitely should check them out... even if those dudes are frenchies ;-) They'll blow you AWAY !!!


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