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ILLDISPOSED "There is a Light (But It’s Not for Me)" CD
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Written by Maria   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 11:15



ILLDISPOSED have always been in the avant-garde of the experimental death metal! And if some of the first in this gender became infatuated with fusion “intellectual” pop or pseudo-intellectual philosophy, this band remained to explore the metal horizons. It seems that their brave and various ideas often repel the labels. But the stable line up from 2007 till now gives rich fruits in the last years and this is the second album released by Massacre Records.

With “To These Who Walk behind Us” (2009) the band opened the door to keyboards melted into their death-metal. Then the things were at a good level as if strong death metal band has invited PARADISE LOST for some solos.

Today the keyboards are more and they set their melody in a gothic metal manner. The death metal basis does not step aside, but the guitar solos also have emphasized melody coming from the keyboards passages. These melodies carry the death metal essence of the songs to a more thrash riffs.

The experiments in this direction are not new to metal. But I cannot compare ILLDISPOSED to any other band. This time they combined death and gothic metal in an unique approach.

There are lots of bands to which I could not forgive a change of the gender or a change of logo, keyboards and many other “sins”. But ILLDISPOSED are not disappointed me from their first album till today. “There is a Light (But It’s Not for Me)” is more digestible in comparison to other their releases, but in none case weaker. The ability to sound noiseless as a death metal band is unique.

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