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DEATHSTORM "Storming With Menace" EP
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 05 May 2011 14:12

I HATE Records


Formerly known as DAMAGE, DEATHSTORM is a young three-piece band coming from Austria and "Storming With Menace" is their first release, now out on I HATE Records as a 12" vinyl EP. Well, musically and if you're not too stupid, you surely have an idea of the band's style, from the band name and the title of the release, you can easily figure that's no refined progressive metal here ha ! And you're right ! The band is completely absorbed by old-school Thrash Metal with in my opinion much influences from the early german style and bands like early KREATOR ("Storming With Menace" is also a song from Kreator), early SODOM, early ASSASSIN and EXUMER but also some touches from US bands like SLAYER or DARK ANGEL. So needless to say the music is very fast & very furious and that all the 4 songs of that EP won't let you sane in the end - what makes DEATHSTORM different from many other thrash metal bands of the moment, is, in my opinion,  the very savage vocal style of the band, very very raw and definitely reminding of Mille's ones on albums like "Endless Pain" or "Pleasure To Kill"... almost scorched & at times hi-pitched... This brings you back to the golden age of german Thrash-Metal ha ! The production of the EP is clear but very raw which gives much impact to the band ! Even if I have to say one can't find anything new or original here, I definitely admit this is right in the good old-school Thrash-Metal style, well-played & well-balanced with many breaks or tempo-changes and this will for sure please all thrash maniacs around ! If you're bored of the too numerous well-produced melo-thrash bands of the moment, try DEATHSTORM - this is the band you need ! 


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