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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 05 May 2011 15:11

VAN Records

Well... I have to say I feel ashamed... ashamed for not knowing this band for a long time ! I indeed discovered them at Metal Assault Festival in Würzburg/Germany in last January... since I didn't know them at that time, I didn't expect much from their live-performance... and to my surprise, they were among the VERY best bands of the festival... if not THE very best band !!! I had not seen such an energetic, crazy live-performance for a long time ! Back from that festival I had to know more on that band called VANDERBUYST and I had to grab that album... to review it to let you know that this is something you definitely must experience if you're into classic Hard-Rock and if like me, still some months ago, didn't know them at all !
Musically, you can find influences from 70's Hard-Rock and more precisely from bands like THIN LIZZY and U.F.O. - Classic Rock at its best, yeah ! The 7 songs of that album are all well-arranged & structured and always energetic & catchy and you'll appreciate for sure the very authentic sound of the album, vintage 80's like one, very clear & clean but never outdated ! Songs are all easy to remember (but don't get me wrong, in no way you can say it's "easy-listening" music) and I'm sure you'll take a real pleasure to listen to that album again & again as I do ! I have to underline the vocal job & style, which are really good and don't sound so usual in the Heavy-Metal genre of today and I think this makes a big part of the band's personality... VANDERBUYST also cover classic U.F.O.'s song "Rock Bottom" with talent & conviction... and as if it is not enough to convince you to buy that album, another great surprise of the band is that crazy axeman that can shred like a madman - the solos will you drive you mad for sure ! Authentic Classic Hard-Rock - get it !!!


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