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RESISTANCE "A Tale of Decadence" CD
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Written by Maria   
Thursday, 19 May 2011 20:59

Emanes Metal Records
O1. 2011


Eight years from the history of RESISTANCE are enwrapped in mists. After a demo (2006), a support act to HIRAX (2007) and signing a stable contract (2008) the things for this French band are changing… Theatrical Thrash Metal is born!

The aggressive riffs of the band are as if extracted from the early thrash speed scene. They carry the enthusiasm of the youth, easy training and non-pretentious performance. At the same time at places you could hear heavy metal melody and solos. But the mannered singing of Nathaniel dominates over all. He modulates his voice in a parody-operatic staging which nails the ears more with surprise than with esthetics.

The early recordings of RESISTANCE are more radical and often are with aggressive vocals. The first three songs from “A Tale of Decadence” are a continuation of this more conventional metal position. After that the theatricality gains strength and the music begins to sound psychedelic in its imagery. It sounds theatrical (not like a soundtrack) because things intentionally develop at one level, and the half-expressed dominates over the particular. In the song “Revenant” (7th track) the lack of vocals sets “the gadulka” (a traditional Bulgarian hurdy-gurdy) played by the the guest-musician Dimitar Gougov from Bulgaria on the front position. This instrument strengthens the effect of the half-expressed but it seems that it has been thought much more in the direction “effect” and not in direction “sense”. In the last song the solos are becoming quite psychedelic. After 23-minutes long entr’acte there is a hidden track. The half-minute statement is only for the fans appraised the whole album…

RESISTANCE absorbed inspirations from the early French heavy metal. They radicalized their sound to the contemporary thrash standards. And now they gaze to some psychedelic post-hippi rock bands which the music journalism cannot chew between the concepts of thrash and trash. The theatrical approaches are not new to rock music. But in the field of thrash metal this is the first product from this point of view.

In the new album of the French band the radicalism is in retreat. The psychedelic mood, the opera-joker’s attitude and the parody manner are on the rise. You will apprehend such a gender hard but every new listening to the album carries more and more delight.

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