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HYSTERICA "The Art Of Metal" CD
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Written by Fab   
Monday, 13 February 2012 11:16


Wouh, an all-female swedish band playing heavy-metal... haha ! Guess for many people out there, it looks like a BIG cliché, right ? Especially when those girls are not the ugliest ones on Earth... looks like a big marketing operation hehe... Ok.. being by nature really objective (hmmm.. i'm just a man hehe), I decided to listen to that album as if I didn't know anything of the band, about who is composing the line-up, etc... What do we have here... ? First, the artwork.. Completely "Metal" in the style of the new millenium, but rather simplistic...  Then, the content... 10 songs... I unfortunately can't compare this album to their previous one "Metal War" released in 2009 for the only reason I never listened to it.. Okay... to sum-up the musical style of HYSTERICA on this album, I'd say it's pretty much modern sounding-Heavy-Metal oriented, mixed with rock & a bit of extreme metal elements (in particular the death-metal like vocals appearing from times to times, groovy guitar-parts & addition of "industrial" soundind like elements which all in all are not bad at all and enrich the whole)  ... The keyboards are really present but don't add a "pop" touch, rather a very atmospheric/doomy one (best example is for me, without any doubt the song "Message" which is basically very doom-sounding like, with amazing heavy-metal guitars, awesome choruses and even a death-metal touch thanks to the growling style of vocals combined with clear ones which are really carrying, in a very great manner, feelings of sadness & depression... I could listen to that song a million times ! Congrat's girlzzz !!!) and I feel myself very surprised to enjoy this... Other songs are more direct but VERY Heavy-Metal in their sound ! To give a few names of bands that could be compared to the style, I'd say HYSTERICA take their influences from MANOWAR and more recent bands like NIGHTWISH (especially the "Anette" era which is much more "rock" oriented) like on "Fighters Of The Century" and "Live Or Die" (great refrains once again !) and SABATON for the "warrior" attitude... Bands that have in their sounds more "groovy" elements... This is definitely a very pleasant album with great qualities, and I'm sure you'll have a good time listening to this one if you like the previously mentioned bands... Recommended !

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