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DEXTER WARD "Neon Lights" CD
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Written by Fab   
Monday, 13 February 2012 12:47


DEXTER WARD is a band coming from Greece that got formed somewhere in 2009... They were really active since in 2010 they released a promo-recording made of 3 songs and later - still in 2010 - they released their debut EP, called "Antartic Dream" made of 4 songs (actually inc. the ones from the promo-recording + one more). They then worked hard after that to record their full-length debut album that is now out on greek label IRON ON IRON Records. Called "Neon Lights", this one is made of 8 songs (+ intro) and .. well, no need to write a looooooong review, when it's good, it's GOOD ! What we have here is pure classic 80's inspired HEAVY-METAL from the likes of IRON MAIDEN (and in my opinion from their best period, that's too say 1981/1982 when Harris & Co were re-defining Heavy-Metal !), ACCEPT, PRIEST and more obscure bands like BROCAS HELM, BATTLEROAR... with mind-blowing refrains ("Metal Rites", "Blackout In L.A."), great twin-guitar parts that Murray/Smith could enjoy and mainly a vocalist that knows how to vary his voice and make it sound catchy & never boring ! This guy really does a good job ! Definitely something that every true metalhead should have in their collection ! The production is not the most impressive one, it's rather raw but fits good the band's style, in my opinion... this raw aspect gives more impact to the music that will for sure make you bang your head like you have to do when listening to a piece of real & good old-school Heavy-Metal !!! Get it metalmotherfuckers !!!

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