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Written by Fab   
Monday, 13 February 2012 21:00


Fourth full-length album for PHARAOH that got formed in 1997 in Pennsylvania/USA... The previous releases already showed a band with an incredible talent to compose a very interesting, catchy, varied, rich style of Prog-Power Metal and I was very impatient to listen to the new effort that took almost 4 years to be released ... was it worth the wait ? Damn... It's like I was getting more & more nervous during the last minutes before the listening of this album... On a pure musical point of view, the style remains the same, the band has not changed for something different, it's really in the same vein.. the only difference being that it sounds alot better ! Don't get me wrong, previous releases were damn good but here they really improved their style and amazingly enriched it !!! You can of course find that specific traditional Power-Metal identity but here mixed with very well balanced progressive/dark atmospheres and once more with the fantastic vocals of Tim Aymar (Control Denied) - this is better than ever ! The singer keeps the whole album very catchy & intense with his awesome performance ! A blast !!! The album contains varied songs, fast ones, mid-tempo ones, with incredible guitar parts, tempo-changes & breaks,  you never get this feeling of being bored on the length, it is SO rich you could listen to it 10 or 20 times that you'll always get/hear something new in ! Of course, this is not an easy-listening album, this music needs ATTENTION from the listener but the complexity of the songs is definitely NOT an obstacle, the whole is always catchy .. a very mature album (I could even say the most mature album by the band so far) that is highly recommended to all people in need of QUALITY Metal !!!

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