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WAR-HEAD "Still No Signs Of Armageddon" CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 14:56


I must admit I'm not so much into Death/Thrash metal but i think that when a very good band comes up with something killer and interesting, I'm still able to enjoy it... I'm not completely TOO old, hehe... WAR-HEAD is a three-piece band coming from Croatia.. Got formed in 2002, the band self-released this first album in 2008 and re-recorded it with the actual line-up to re-release it three years later on UK's label DENIM & LEATHER Records - probably a way to get it better known & better distributed/promoted which is not a bad idea at all, 'cos this album is really an awesome piece of technical raging Death-Thrash and this would really be a WASTE if all fans of Death/Thrash Metal had not the chance to get their ears on it ! Production is really good & clear, you can hear all intruments & vocals perfectly ! Musically, this is in my opinion a subtle mix of bands like KREATOR (for its aggression), DEATH/MONSTROSITY (for the more complex parts) and surprisingly CARCASS too ("Heartwork" era), being due to the vocal style really close to Jeff Walker's one and also the guitar tunings... 8 songs that are all impressive & come to hit your head like no one, they're all real smashers !!! They all combine aggressiveness & melody (especially in the well-executed guitar solos) and are made of combinations of fast & slower parts with cool breaks & tempo-changes ! This is an album I could listen many many times without getting bored, it is so intense  that it is impossible to find a moment of rest ! I really hope this re-release will bring the band the deserved attention 'cos WAR-HEAD are really among the BEST Death/Thrash metal bands of the moment ! GET IT if you like the bands mentioned in the review... You won't be disappointed !

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