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ABADDON “Abaddon” CD
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Written by Victor Varas   
Thursday, 23 February 2012 14:23



Pretty good return of these heavy metal veterans. I’m sure all old mexican metal heads will remember this name along with Crazy Lazy, Linx, Cuero y Metal, Luzbel, etc. because those were the very first heavy metal wave coming out from the aztec underground. In those years the band only released a demo tape wich circulated pretty much at the under live shows, “tocadas” (in Spanish). What I have in my hands is finally a first fucking album, so I was very curious to hear. We find tracks re recorded and re arranged from the demo tape, plus some others I definitely never heard before so I assume is new material. This is strong Heavy metal with class and touches of darkness and gloom. Although I have to say Atenea’s voice doesn’t have nothing to do with the voice of Brenda Marin (original vocalist that recorded the demo) Hell yeah, call me a fucking old school stinky feet but you have to live and feel heavy metal before you sing in a band. Atenea’s voice sounds very clean and soft (I mean VERY), and this subtracted power to the music. Thats for me and my ears. But I don’t want to spoil the party and say it is a bad work.  Absolutely not. Actually I would invite some beers to this beauty before showing her what is all about this so called heavy metal, in my bed room hehe!! I really liked opener “Abaddon”, “Formas del mal” and the full powered “Dueños de la oscuridad”. Again I must say Guitar sound could be better, but if we hear the 25 years old demo… is ok now, old school is not always very audible. A shame they didn’t included “Carne lunar” which was a dark erotic cuasi opera in the demo. Hopefully we hear more material coming from this band in the future.  


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