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AUTOPSY "All Tomorrow’s Funerals" CD
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Written by Maria   
Sunday, 11 March 2012 13:54


Although the playing time over 70 minutes this release is the new EP of the mighty classicists AUTOPSY…
After their burst in the previous year of more than an hour the quartet keeps its inertia with four newly recorded tracks, and three of them are brand new. The style from “Macabre Eternal” (2011) is also preserved – fast old-school death metal with slow dark passages. There is a nostalgic feeling for more primary approach in the composing in the veins of their early releases. There are also some links to the conventional death metal projects in which the band members participated. “Mauled to Death” (3) is a song from the first demo of AUTOPSY. Its non-mastered new-recorded variant Peaceville Records released on vinyl single. Here is its final form.
In this CD are included some rare releases, some copies of which are already sold out. These are: “The TOMB Within” EP (2010), the single “Horrific Obsession” (2009), here is not quite logically a song from “Act of the Unspeakable” (1992) – “Funereality”, the EP from 1992 “Friend for Blood” and the cult EP “Retribution for the Dead” (1991).
With no doubt “All Tomorrow’s Funerals” is a rather precious release for the fans of AUTOPSY and also for metalheads who can use it as an anthology of the band. The last track “Sign of the Corpse” (22) also could be listened only here. It forms the apocalyptic final of the last autopsy.

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