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Written by Fab   
Monday, 12 March 2012 02:08

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JACK STARR is in my opinion a lengendary guitarist - way too much underestimated, acting in the shade of over-exposed "shredders" that so often forget true sense for feelings & emotions through their music... and he's not a newcomer since he's the founding member of VIRGIN STEELE back in 1981 and in a way the father of what is now called "epic power" Metal - nothing less ! His influence is HUGE but still ignored by the mainstream magazines.. a shame !
"Land Of The Dead" is its sixth album under the moniker of "Jack Starr's Burning Starr" and once again, he and his band, made of talented musicians that are Todd Michael Hall on vocals, Ned Meloni on bass and Rhino on drums, bring us an amazing piece of refined & timeless heavy-power metal mastered with class !
Songs are all very well structured, made of sharp guitars, galloping or epic parts mixed with more direct ones, guitar solos are played with alot of feelings & emotions, right in the true metal spirit, rhythmical sections are really precise and make no prisoner.. this is really true epic power metal played with passion & class ! And the vocals ? They still impress me more & more after each listening ! Todd Michael Hall proves to all that there's no need to scream, growl or grunt to sing "Metal", his voice is powerful & epic, full of passion and has like a narrative touch which perfectly fits the music of the band ! AWESOME performance !
This album is one hour long and it's like it's not enough so it is DAMN GOOD ! It is NEVER boring, all the songs catch the attention & heart of the true metalheads, this album is probably one of the best Jack Starr did so far - if not THE best ! The musical style is as I said earlier Epic & Power Metal but also very particular.. not so easy to compare it to any other bands.. would nevertheless say it could be somewhere VIRGIN STEELE and MANOWAR ... but it definitely goes beyond a simple mix of both bands ! The production is also very remarkable, not too modern and gives the perfect impact that the music needs ! And as guests on this album you can find well-known and reknowned names of the epic/power metal scene which are Ross The Boss, David Shanle (both ex-Manowar) and Crystal Viper's vocalist Marta Gabriel that (unfortunately) doesn't sing there but plays piano/keyboards and does some more orchestrations...
This album is nothing less than a MUST-HAVE for all fans of Classic/Epic/Heavy/Power Metal !

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