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SANCTUAIRE "L'Empreinte De Lucifer" CD
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 14:05


SANCTUAIRE is a brand new band from France that got formed in 2008. After only one demo, they got a deal with France based label EMANES METAL which is known for signing other french bands like RESISTANCE, LORD, HURLEMENT, CHILDREN OF DOOM to name a few. "L'Empreinte de Lucifer" is their debut album made of 10 songs, all sung in french, in the tradition of the older french bands like ADX, KILLERS, DEMON EYES... and musically this is also the same than the previously mentioned bands.. add even HIGH POWER to the list ! Old-school french heavy-metal as it was played in the early days of the golden 80's...  Musically, the whole remains simple but always efficient.. kinda heavy-metal with a bit of old-school speed-metal, always melodious & raging... with a dark & epic feeling and many tempo-changes that make the listening very surprising and never boring... Songs are all around 3 minute-long and are rather "straight in your face" ! I underline the fact that the singer is really catchy and his way of singing in french is really good (no particular bad accent if you see what I mean) and lyrics are all well-written.. I have no doubt this album will please all people into old-school french heavy-metal... My only regret is about the production of this album which is really POOR... Sounds like a demo's bad sound... The mix is really awful and you can only hear guitars, vocals & drums.. Is there really a bass-guitar ? This is really sad 'cos I think this is what can ruin a good album... I hope listeners could go through that amateurish production and enjoy the songs for what they really are...

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