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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 14:55


Another new french band signed on EMANES METAL Records... this label seems to push forward the french scene as much as possible ! Formed in late 2005, the band released in 2008 its first and only demo called "Larmes Fatales" made of 3 songs showing a band good at delivering classic heavy-metal with french lyrics... Those 3 songs were not all perfect but showed a certain potential... So... 3 years later, the band return with its first full-length album made of 10 songs.. As on the demo, the effort is put on the artwork which is really good and illustrates the lyrical content of the album, that's to say death, society's problem, nuclear threats and other catastrophes... Good point is about the production which is really good and clear, you can hear all the instruments perfectly, everything here has been produced with lots of care... so that was for the "packaging"... what about the musical content now ? I have to say my feelings are mixed... All songs are rather long (shortest one is 4'36 minute long), pretty well composed, well structured with interesteing riffs & breaks that makes the listening pleasant and the musicians know how to play - no dout about it (some guitar solos are really great & surprisig there) but the whole remains really TOO MUCH Iron Maiden influenced.. especially in the guitars playing... It's good, really good but definitely NOT personal nor original .. and I can't say I'm too fond of the vocal style way too monotonous (and moreover the lyrical style is not top-notch.. as much as I like the SANCTUAIRE style, I'm really not fond of the one of WOLF'S GANG.. but I assume this won't be a problem for many people since this is in french and not everyone on earth speaks Molière's tongue...)... In a word, I'd say this is a decent album but that lacks of originality... I think this band just needed more time to work more & harder and find a more personal and more mature style... The next album will be probably much more interesting... To be continued....

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