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UNISONIC "Ignition" EP
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Written by Fab   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 15:31

EAR Music/Edel

UNISONIC is the new band composed of TWO Ex-HELLOWEEN members that are vocalist Michael KISKE and guitarist Kai HANSEN, even if formed in 2009 by Michael Kiske and bassist Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69)... This Ep is a foretaste of the album "Unisonic" to be released on March 30th, 2012... it includes 4 songs, two being "Unisonic" and "My Sanctuary" that will be on the forthcoming album, plus the demo version of another song to be on the album as well and called "Soul's Alive" (Well, they call this a "DEMO-version", the production is just amazing, I can't believe it ha !) and finally probably as a gift to all early Helloween fans, a live-version of "I Want Out"... No need for a long review, this is just amazing melodious power-metal with impressive vocals from Michael Kiske that I consider to be one of the best vocalists ever (be it with Helloween, with Amanda Sommerville or still Place Vendôme) ! The guitars are all awesome and they'll surprise you everytime - they're spontaneous, full of energy & feelings ! And the rythmical work is simply massive ! "Unisonic" is a fast song, really catchy that reminds "a bit" of the early Helloween-era (Keepers.. Pt 1 & 2 and songs like "Eagle Fly Free", "I'm Alive", "Save Us")... amazing one ! M. Kiske is on the top here and the guitars are pure delight ! "My Sanctuary" is a bit slower, based on mid-tempos and more melodious but with a strong emotional content..."Soul's Alive" has a guitar intro that reminds me of "Judas Is Rising" of the mighty PRIEST (for the very first notes) and it is a really heavy one with a good energy and wonderful vocal lines as usual ! It also carried a melodious-progressive touch with its break where you can hear piano notes that remind a bit of Dream Theater...  And "I Want Out" is simply very enjoyable and brings you back to the golden 80's !! I just can't wait for the full-length album ! If I refer to this EP, the album will be a masterpiece !!!!

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