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MORBID FOG "Aggelon Apokathilosis" CD
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Written by Goddess Sioux   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 18:12

Self Prod.

Greek black metal you seek, then you shall find it in Morbid Fog.  Formed in 2009,  aside from a demo and a split, Aggelon Apokathilosis is this one man band’s first full length release.   Originally released in 2010.  So Commander ov Thirty Demonic Legions handles all instruments and vocals, quite impressive for the taking.  However, it sounds as if the drums may have been programmed.  It is quite easy in this day in age to create a masterpiece all on computer.  The guitars are played in traditional tremolo style.  The vocals have that all too familiar black metal growls and howls.  The intro and first song are passable.  Once we get to the third song Wise Woman Ov The Wilderness we are starting to hear some real potential here.  A strong riff with all the right changes give this song that necro feeling. Beyond the Forest ov Shadows is just plain weird, it contains no music, but only eerie black metal vocals, with silent intervals in the midst of it, it will startle you when you least expect it.  Victims ov Unholyness comes along with another killer riff played continuously thorough out the song.  Ending of course with a cover of Venom’s Countess Bathory.  Morbid Fog base their songs on Ancient Greek Mythology and Paganism.  The recording is truly necro and sounds like it was done in the dark dungeon of a castle.  Morbid Fog’s style of black metal follows old school tradition and presents itself in a unique and mysterious way.

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