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KULT OV AZAZEL/TERATISM "In League With Satan" Split 7"EP
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Written by Goddess Sioux   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 18:19


In League with Satan.  The song title alone speaks volumes on all levels.  It resonates strongly with fans of Venom and black metal alike.  It also resonates with those who pledge allegiance to the dark lord himself.  Over the years the song has been covered by countless bands, including Carpathian Forest and Six Feet Under, just to name a few.  When it comes to usbm, KULT OV AZAZEL and TERATISM each take a stab at the glorification of this Venom classic. 

This will be the only song on this split 7” from each band.  Limited to an evil 666 copies, some pressed on red vinyl, others on standard black.  KULT OV AZAZEL takes side A.  So the backwards intro sounds demonic as hell.  Then the drums kick in,  sounding like an Indian tribal beat.  Xaphan handles guitar, bass and vocals.  Xaphan’s screams are blood curdling and Psyhko of Ritual Combat adds some additional vocals.  The cover stays pretty true to the song’s standard form.  The recording sounds truly necro and the song seems to end  all too quickly. Onto side B with TERATISM.  The backwards intro is downright scary and the music that follows is fucking terrifying.  Slowed down somewhat.  The disharmonic tones of the guitars seem  in tune with otherworldly forces.  Giving an extra diabolical enhancement to the song, the guitars add depth and atmosphere with additional layers.  The vocals of Wrath sound inhuman.  TERATISM gives an absolutely frightening new spin on In League With Satan.  This split is worth seeking out just to hear their take on the song.  Fans of both bands should definitely have this in their collection.  Available from Negativity Records. 

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