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Written by Fab   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 16:13


Yeah... it was exactly two years ago that GANG released its last studio album (you still can read the review we did at that time) and today they're back with a mini-CD entitled "HM 666%" made of 6 songs including 4 cover-songs (yep, they released their own "Garage Days EP" haha !) a live version of their "Heavy Metal Fever" and a new & yet unreleased one called "All The Fools Around"... So the covers... First one and also the opener of this release is "747 Strangers In The Night" by english monsters SAXON... I'm really surprised not only by their perfect interpretation but also by the clear & powerful production... the sound is pure delight ! And what I was mostly fearing was the vocal style ('cos we're so used to Biff'style and more generally to the original singers when it comes to coversongs) and damn ! It really sticks well to the song ! Bill, you really do a great job ! Second cover song is "Rock You Like A Hurricane" originally composed by german legend SCORPIONS... once again, the result is really enjoyable and also impressive, perfect interpretation, great guitar works... sounds fuckin' cool !! Third cover is "Paranoid" by BLACK SABBATH.. Still nothing bad to say.. they even add some cool effects on the intro which gives a kinda "space rock" touch - eh, cool idea !! Fourth and last cover... how can you pay tribute to Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal without covering an old Motörhead song ? Here it is done with "No Class"... and the result is still kick ass.. Of course, vocally speaking, the voice is very different from the original style but it still sticks well to the music, the approach is more personal and this is not disappointing at all... The live-version of "Heavy Metal fever" is full of raw energy and shows you what the band is all about when on stage... no other pretention than sharing good times & having fun ! The new song called "All The Fool Around" is probably one of the VERY BEST ones GANG ever composed so far ! Really a GREAT surprise with a NWOBHM touch and a great vocal job by Bill - this song has a cool refrain easy to remember and sing along.. a strong rythmic and a killer guitar solo ! I really love this one ! If you're not too fond of covers and you think this release is not of interest (because of too much covers), you can be sure this new song will make you change your mind ! I'd buy it only for it ! So... hey wait... that's not over !!! Yes, there's a hidden track in the end... and it's one more cover.... and this sounds really great ! Guess it was not the easiest one to play especially for the vocalist 'cos this one is sang by KING DIAMOND and it is called "Return Of The Vampire"... Fuck ! They really released a cool release ! I really enjoy it ! And you'll also have much fun examinating the artwork gathering many clichés from the golden years of Heavy-Metal !

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