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NATTFOG "Mustan Auringon Riitti" CD
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Written by Goddess Sioux   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 16:35


Bands from Finland certainly have a cold and different vibe about them and Nattfog shall be added to that list.  Their album Mustan Auringon Riitti is their first full length released on the infamous Hammer Of Hate label.  One expects great things coming from Hammer Of Hate.  Shall Nattfog prove worthy of the Finnish legacy of soul crushing black metal.
This two man band  has the influence of early Burzum stamped all over their sound.  Setting themselves apart from Sargeist and Arch Goat, there isn’t anything gruelly Satanic nor aggressive about their music.  Rather having more Pagan like undertones to their sound.  Nattfog presents some extremely melancholic black metal.  The first few songs are a bit repetitive in nature, until we come to mieleni mustissa merissa.    With a magically bleak melodic riff that transcends the listener into the depths of what Nattfog’s music is really all about. The guitars will suck you into a dreamy realm of depressive black metal.  As much as I enjoy and want this song to keep going on, it is over in a mere six minutes. I find it to be the climax of the album. The screams of Adelwolf seem quite heartfelt, painful and almost detached.  They also have killer reverb.  My only complaint is the drums are rather unimpressive and lackluster throughout the album. The title song Mustan Auringon Riitti will defiantly put you in a trance, with its dissonant riffs and the screams of despair as if emulating from the depths of rage.  If you allow yourself you can succumb to the music of Nattfog and actually lose yourself in a maze of icy desolation.  Fans of frost bitten depresssive black metal should seek out this album.

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