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Written by Wendy "MettleMaiden" Francisc   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 17:09


When I was sent the Vomitron CD to review, I was not sure how to approach the material, so I decided to write an honest review from my mettle heart. I was familiar with the musicianship of Peter Rutch from the US Power Metal Band Armory, and I knew that this was an instrumental album paying homage to classic Nintendo video games, with Peter playing all the instruments.
On the 2007 Armory album - 'The Dawn Of Enlightenment' - the song "Dr. Wily" is an instrumental based on the video game "Mega Man", which establishes this precedent. This was the first time I heard a Metal act doing this, way before the advent of Powerglove, and their ilk.
On CD, this unique release cleverly called 'No NES For The Wicked' is replete with racy and enticing controversial cover art which may appear shocking, but the quite provocative scene of the tattooed maiden reveals even more, once the booklet is fully open and exposed. All I can say is, "Metal Up Your Ass!"
I am an avid video game enthusiast, and have been since the outburst of Atari when I was younger. I cherish the fact that my eight year old son also has a fascination with video games, and even recognizes their theme music. As he has also been raised in our Metal Milieu, he enjoys the metalized versions of these popular Nintendo games.
One of his favourites is "Zelda", and if you have ever seen Eric Calderone (ERock) on YouTube play his guitar versions of Video games, Pop Songs, or Movie Scores, then you will truly appreciate what Peter has accomplished with Vomitron.
The musical performance here is so intense with highs, lows, and an almost Classical or 'Anime' approach to orchestration. Perhaps Peter also recalls the frustration of having those game cartridges glitch when you were right in the middle of a big match. I remember this sense of aggravation all too well, having to yank out the game and blow on it to remove dust, and attempt to have it run accordingly. Listening to the song structures and timed measures brings me back to a more youthful exuberance.
Video games have come a long way in the past two decades, but the music on this CD has both a modern flavour and retrospective account of just how much fun we had playing those games, with lame graphics, yet engaging storylines.
I have not played all the games featured here, but the ones with which I am most familiar resonate the most with me. The seamless riffing and crescendo of battle themes and victory found on "Blaster Master", or the merry keyboard frenzy of the quixotic "Castlevania" make my heart sore, and mind bend.
As I listen to the multi-layered contextual acts of "Ninja Gaiden", or the stacked marshall artistry of "Double Dragon", I am ready to get back in the ring and fight, fueled by a fiery mortal combative and collective vision.
Even if instrumental albums are not your thing, or you are just not into video games, playing this album, for me, is a sonic journey into mystery and madness. I recommend that you too embark on this fine aural fantasy !

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