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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:28

EINHEIT Productions

Yes that's the legendary czech HYPNOS we're dealing with - that one born after bassist Bruno left another death-metal legend called KRABATHOR back in 1999 ! The band's last full-length album "Rabble Mänifesto" was released in 2005, 7 years ago... Right after the band took a break before restarting playing in 2009.. and now, they deliver their brand new album called "Heretic Commando - Rise Of The New Antikrist".. Fuck, what a brutal title !! You know what to expect ? Yeah, that's it, old-school very brutal & straight in your face Death-Metal influenced by the likes of Morbid Angel, Immolation, Asphyx, Pestilence... Dark, very raging with hauting atmospheres well in place (best example being "In Love With Death" with a great cool intro and massive guitar riffs on which come spoken words that freeze your blood !) and always space for some welcome tempo-changes & breaks that keep the listening always interesting... Most of the songs are based on a mix of slower &  fast-tempos but the band clearly avoids hyperblasts and concentrate the music on heavy-gloomy-dark ambiances. Vocals are also very brutal and rather clear (don't expect ultra low growls) and lyrics are most of the time understandable... This is a release I took pleasure to discover and I'm sure I'll listen to it in the future, it really carries the essence of what old-school death-metal really is and these days, it is something that are rally appreciate.. HYPNOS stay pure in their sound and true to the style.. If you're looking for a very good death-metal album, I urge you to discover this one !

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