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INTERCEPTOR "One With The Beast... Meet With The Damned" EP
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 16:30


This band is from Italy and plays THRAAAAAAAAAAASH Metal in a very furious & intense way ! Goddamm, I'm sticked to the wall ! They really have a great energy in their songs and they bring you back to the great thrash-metal era ! Their music is a very good mix of german thrash bands like Kreator, Sodom & even Tankard and US thrash bands like Forbidden, early Testament, early Anthrax... this is fast & furious but always with that specific thrash/hard-core/crossover touch (DRI, SOD are some other influences I assume !) and those specific shouted choruses... Vocals are all well in place and like the music, there's a good balance between aggressiveness & melody... I really appreciate the combinations of different vocal styles like for example when clear vocal lines are dubbed with screamed ones... the result is really killer ! You can also expect great guitar solos, which are not only a succession of fast-played notes, they really sound good ! As final song, INTERCEPTOR covers "See You In Hell" by GRIM REAPER in a very personal way, completely "thrashed" and the result is very very surprising but also very enjoyable ! INTERCEPTOR are definitely a band to look for and I urge all thrashers around to support them !!!

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