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SACRED GATE "Creators Of The Downfall" EP
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 17:36

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OMG ! The underground scene is definitely full of treasures ! When we take the time to explore to discover new bands, sometimes it is hard to believe that there are still some bands like SACRED GATE that are unsigned ! SACRED GATE got formed in 2008 in Germany with two ex-MADE OF IRON members (another top metal band from the 80's german scene) that are Nicko Nikolaidis on guitars & Jim Over on vocals. MADE OF IRON was a power/heavy-metal band and the music of SACRED GATE is pretty much of the same vein with a strong IRON MAIDEN influence, but I can also add ICED EARTH & the might JUDAS PRIEST to the list... classic Power/Heavy-Metal played with great conviction, class & mastery ! Nicko Nikolaidis is a very talented guitar player delivering great solos and harmonies that would for sure please Mr Murray & Mr Smith and Jim Over has a really catchy voice mixing power & melody... he sometimes makes me think of Eric Wagner (ex-Trouble) meeting Matt Barlow (ex-Iced Earth).. I know it may sound strange but still this is my feeling... On the rythmical front, the guys are also very good at what they do, they keep the tempo beating hard & heavy and really push the songs forward ! The first three songs ("Creators Of The Downfall", "Burning WIngs" and "Vengeance") are studio-recorded and the production is amazing, clear & powerful.. The three last ones ("Fight For The Cross...", "The Realm Of Hell" and "Path To Glory") are live-recorded and contrast a bit with the first ones.. the sound quality & production are not as good (but still very acceptable) in comparison and let me a bit less interested... But I'm sure those songs with a proper studio recording will kill as much as the first ones do because they're very well composed and still played with class.. SACRED GATE plays TRADITIONAL Heavy-Power Metal and for some of you, this doesn't bring anything new, but this is played with talent, conviction and skills... which makes them in my opinion one of the most promising bands of the genre !

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