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ZOMBIEFICATION “Reaper's Consecration” EP
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Written by Victor Varas   
Saturday, 14 July 2012 22:14

CHAOS Records

Excellent work from these dudes ! They are now a very important part of a healthy new wave of Mexican death metal and no reserves! This apparently briefly EP production holds 6 tracks and has more qualities than striking defects, if we take into account the context, and as antiquarian and lover of the genre, it left a pleasant taste in my hairy ears. A sound well managed that does not ask anything to major league productions. Recorded at Revolution Studios by Lord Brave (Agony Lords), and mixed and mastered by Tore Sterjna (Watain, Destroyer 666, etc) it doesn’t disappoint me at all. Just the end result has a lot to do with the true Swedish style of the mid-90's that strange everywhere. The booming voice of Mr. Hitchcock (ex Inhearted if my memory doesn’t fail) shows absolutely more mature and powerful than in previous work. “Death rides” gives a good taste as a bottle of beer managing low tuned guitar riffs, infernal but yet melodic and understandable, frenetic and deep in the mood vocals and excellent technique. Something I like from this duo is the fact they don’t fall into bored clichés and since “Midnight stench” debut album they did an honest and putrefied death metal concept with personal seal. High recommended to those into the new wave of Mexican death metal.

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