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NECROS "Procession of Heretics" EP
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Written by Goddess Sioux   
Saturday, 14 July 2012 22:27

Gospels of Death Records
February 2012


France has an unbelievable metal scene.  Exquisite black metal bands like Antaeus and Mutiilation come to mind.  When it comes to French death metal, well that’s where NECROS comes in.  This trio recently formed in 2008.  They only have two splits to their name before releasing the EP Procession of Heretics. 

With an ominous mood setting intro the first song Black Mass begins.   However, to get to the real sounds of NECROS proceed to song two, the title track, Procession of Heretics.  Straight up brutal death metal immediately assaults your ears.  We are talking old school here, think of Incantation and Sadistic Intent.  Cold and calculating in delivery.  Blast beat extravaganza.  Breakneck speed guitar riffage served up with a down and dirty sound.  The vocals are kept very old school,  with Immolation like throat ripping growls.  NECROS plays the type of death metal that has a bit of dark melody and sinister groove going on.  This is very prevalent in the song God You’ve Failed.  I can’t help but think of early 90s death metal as the songs continue on, and I’m glad this style is being kept alive by newer bands.  Technical in some places and free form in others NECROS keeps the aggression boiling on Blasphemous Incantation.  This EP is wrapped up too soon with  Dawn Of Purgatory, another belligerent display of total death metal.  NECROS seems to know exactly what the true meaning of death metal is, with their cryptic lyrics and bludgeoning blast beats they will worm their way into the hearts and minds of  head bangers both young and seasoned.


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