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WRATHBLADE "Into the Netherworld's Realm" CD
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Written by Nick Parastatidis   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 09:46

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It took them some time, but they finally managed to release their debut album. WRATHBLADE had created quite a fuss in the underground scene of Greece back in 2006 when they released their 7” E.P. entitled “War of the Titans”. After that in 2011 they released a demo and this year their debut album. The good thing is that although the years have passed the band has kept its sound which can be described as epic metal. WRATHBLADE manage to combine many influences in their sound in a very unique way and because of that their music is easy to recognize. I think that if you like bands like SLOUGH FEG, RUNNING WILD and OMEN, then you will find it hard to resist to the sound of this band. Personally speaking I think that WRATHBLADE are one of the best epic metal bands not only here in my country, but generally in this kind of genre. I think that you have to give them a chance…

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