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FORGJORD "Sielunvihollien" CD
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Written by Goddess Sioux   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 10:24

Hammer Of Hate


Expecting nothing less than excellence when it comes to bands from Finland.  FORGJORD is just another example of exceptional black metal that come from these frozen lands.  Sielunvihollien is their second full length release coming three years after a split and four years on the heels of their album Ajasta Ikuisuteen.  This two man band is nothing short of impressive.  With drummer Prokrustes Thanatos handling the vocals and Valgrinder taking on both guitars and bass.
There is the cliché dreary guitar intro leading me to wonder what is coming next.  I am pleasantly surprised by the next track Ei Kuoleman Arvoinen, with its truly necro and dirty sounding tremolo guitars and the over reverbed vocals I am sucked into the icy feelings FORGJORD’s music is inducing.   This recording is so raw I can almost hear a hissing in the background.  I absolutely love the way Prokrustes Thanatos delivers his vocals, you can feel the hatred oozing from them as they are spit out in gut wrenching agony.  The drums are fucking perfect, no faking it here.  Recorded at the right level where you can hear every thing and it doesn’t overpower the other instruments.  Certainly a talented drummer, Prokrustes Thanatos maintains different beats and time changes throughout the songs on Sielunvihollien.   All songs are verbalized in Finnish, so it is hard to know exactly what the meaning behind them is all about.  Considering the dense and cold atmosphere they create  it couldn’t be about anything happy.   Though the songs linger on, its not as if you want them to be over quickly.  I am quite enjoying all the changes within them as the songs progress.  We are treated to a strange instrumental on Tulilahti 1959, with voices speaking in Finnish in the background.  In some ways FORGJORD remind me of Avsky, with their mid pace style of black metal.  There is just a tiny tiny bit of synth thrown in for added atmosphere, but this doesn’t fuck with the sound much, if not at all.  Overall FORGJORD is quite good at creating that freezing mood of hatred with their music, and a must for those of fans of the Finnish black metal sound.  



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