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Written by Goddess Sioux   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 10:32

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When it comes to Polish death metal, bands like Vader and Decapitated come to mind but what about CENTURION ? Formed in back in 1998, in between a split and two demos, Serve No One is only the band’s second full length release.  CENTURION follows in the vein of traditional death metal sounding more in kin with Immolation and Sinister.
The opening track Total Terror is an immediate pulverization.  Lightening speed blast beats accompany sinisterly fast guitar riffs.  The vocals of Caesar are growled in the traditional death metal style.  You won’t find any pig squealing or screams here. Lyrics are impressively well pronounced as well.  This is fucking in your face brutal death metal.  Gateways to Condemnation has a bit of a Nile feel to it, and its got a fucking bad ass groove as the song comes to an end, a groove that they should have put earlier in the song, because just as you start getting into it and enjoying it, the song ends and you find yourself replaying it just to get to that exceptional part.  Cut the throat is another mind blowing assault of utter speed.  CENTURION likes  to keep things fast, but they also like to throw in quite a few time changes, and I mean fast time changes for variation.  This keeps the songs from getting stale, and it is also what keeps CENTURION ahead of the game.  If you take the time to listen to all the different beats the drummer does throughout the album your head would implode.  The aggression never stops.  Not even as the last song No One To Serve closes out the album.  They saved one of the best songs on the Serve No One for last.  Crunching, galloping riffs amidst utter chaos, with one slow part in the middle for an ear crushing solo.  Brutal and technical to the max. CENTURION is top notch death metal in its finest form. 

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