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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 12:48

Heavy Artillery Records


The band's first release "Midnight Chaser" had on me a very good impact, I really enjoy this release delivering an awesome mix of 70's Hard-Rock & NWOBHM in the TANK, early TYGERS OF PAN TANG veins, always direct & efficient, always catchy & never boring ! So I had big hopes for the second band's release & I can say the band doesn't disappoint at all ! They keep the same musical orientation with always that ability in composing catchy tunes & killer riffs ! No big change, this "Rough & Tough" is just the logical follower to "Midnight Chaser" but you can be sure to get a very pleasant album to listen to if you're looking for something that rocks fuckin'hard and that you'll surely listen to many many times before you get bored ! That's really fresh & it urges to party ! Defnitely recommended if you're into that old Hard-Rock/NWOBHM style and bands like TANK, MOTORHEAD, ZZ TOP & I would add a certain TED NUGENT to the list !
Oh damn. I nearly forgot that awesome "Dynamite" cover (SCORPIONS) that - the less i can say - is EXPLOSIVE !!!! Go for it, you won't regret it !!!




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