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EVIL LYN "The Night Of Delusions" EP
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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 15:15



EVIL LYN is a female fronted Power-Heavy metal hailing from Finland that got formed in 2007.... "The Night Of Delusions" is actually their first release, greek label IRON ON IRON hooked them up before they release any demo or what ? Btw, this is a good choice as this band will for sure please you if you're into old-school heavy-power-metal ! For the others, sure this will remain one more band that doesn't bring anything new to the musical scene.. but as far as i'm concerned, I just don't care ! I really love this first release that shows a band with a big potential ! Musically, i'd say influences range from early Iron Maiden, Warlock, Crystal Viper, Omen and Chastain... Speaking of Chastain, vocalist Johanna has something close to Leather Leone, her voice is catchy, aggressive and melodious at the same time ! Good job ! The production is clear  but a bit raw at the same time, which give to the 5 songs that old-school flavour and the whole go right to the target : to get you headbanging like a real heavy-metal maniac does !!! Very efficient & refreshing, I really wait to hear more from EVIL LYN !!!


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