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Written by Fab   
Monday, 16 July 2012 16:52



ACT OF STATE is a very young band from the Netherlands that got formed in 2010 after members from progressive metal band SHADOW OF EDEN and old-school thrashers DAMNATOR decided to join forces.. What the hell members playing progressive & old-school had in mind when starting this project ? Guess for most of people, both styles are opposed.... and this is what made me very curious about this band... it is not so usual that such a project takes form... and my hopes were high, I must admit... And after a few listenings, I was simply IMPRESSED by the high-quality music the band delivers... The style has turned to refined Heavy-Power Metal with much melodies and a very high technical level - those guitarists are just amazing - but I need to mention that it never turns to demonstration, all guitar solos & breaks/tempo-changes make senses here, that's not to show they're great musicians - the songs are REAL songs, and you don't need diplomas in musical techniques to get into ! The rhythmical job is also very impressive, very precise in all cases ! And that singer.. Damn ! His voice is just splendid and give to the songs a dramatic (& theatrical at times) dimension to the songs... Reminds me of Eric Adams (Manowar) at times for the intonations - no joke - He's not a copy-cat, but sometimes, I feel the influence is not far... and the result is very pleasant to listen to ! Production is absolutely TOP, clear and I'd say a bit modern.. but in this case, it goes perfectly along the band style... This is not overproduced, no exageration here ! This MCD is actually made of 3 songs + 1 that is an instrumental that is absolutely wonderful, the melodies are omnipresent and the arrangements so subtil ! The 3 other songs are also very very interesting and different from each other but all coherent... You don't have the feeling to hear three times the same song...All have many tempo-changes & unexpected breaks with incredible guitar-solos and pushed by a very strong rhythmical section ! I can't write this review without mentioning how much I love that song "Apollo 11" that is aboslutely brilliant, the refrain is just amazing with much emotions filled in ! To compare ACT OF STATE to other bands is not so easy... They're in the Heavy-Power Metal field for sure but I hardly can compare them to any other band... surprisingly, some bands can still create their own particular style in 2012 ! Now I'm waiting for the next release.. If they keep on the good work like they did for "Rebellion", then the next release will be a absolutely MUST-HAVE !


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