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EXUMER "Fire & Damnation" CD
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Written by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 15:58

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Rising from the seeds of hate and still possessed by the firery determination to deliver poignant, yet skull crushing thrash; Germany's own fallen saints - Exumer - have returned with yet another destructive solution, 'Fire & damnation'.
I dare you to not go absolutely insane when you hear how fast and furious this triumphant and totally intense comeback on Metal Blade Records actually is! For forever stigmatized, scanned or immortalized in black mortal hearts everywhere is the echo and indelible strike of the first 2 Exumer releases.
Sorrowfully, poor judgement caused vocalist Mem Von Stein to depart before the recording of their sophomore outing. However as darkness became visible, so did the Turkish son descend with a new mortality, ready to resume, sure to reawaken the fire that still burns in us all.
In fact, Mem even re-recorded the song "I dare you" for this new CD, with him performing vocal duties, while Paul Arak serves as guest vocalist for the new updated version of 'Fallen saint'. Collectors will want to pick up the digipak version, as it includes 3 killer classics live.
The "Fire & damnation" burns as the blistering opening track breaks your neck and severs the weakest limb. "Vermin of the sky" continues the death from above, just as "Waking the fire" rips you apart with its shredding and primal fury.
All the songs on this CD are absolutely killer, recalling the glory days of German Noise Records acts, as well as Living Death, Violent Force, and Holy Moses, who just released their culmination of 3 decades of perseverance called '30th anniversary/In the power of now'. If I were to pick the best selection it would have to be the pummeling "Crushing point". Unless you are deaf, dumb, or blind to the old-school Teutonic terror, this is essential.


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