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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 17:48


Sometimes it happens there are bands coming out of nowhere, bands you have never heard of and that immediately stick you to the wall so the surprise is BIG when you listen to the music ! This is absolutely the case with DEATH RIDES A HORSE, hailing from Denmark, a band that got formed in 2008 ! "Pantokrator" is their second and still self-released production after a first demo released in 2009 featuring 2 songs. This second release features four songs but is almost 30 minute long and the band's style could be simply described as traditional Heavy-Doom metal, that could be a mix of 70's Hard-Rock (Granicus/old Scorpions) with elements from bands like Black Sabbath (time of "Sabotage" when the band started to sound heavier and not so doomy as on the early albums), Candlemass for the very heavy feeling thru the songs - the whole with a very compact & raw production, making the songs sounding a bit dirty at times (I insist on the fact I don't think they sound "stoner", this is more of a 70's Hard-Rock feeling here !), underlining the instinctive aspect of the band's music ! Mostly mid-tempos, the songs have nevertheless fast & aggressive parts mixed with gloomy, atmospheric breaks, they're at times oppressive & often relentless ! Maybe the specific aspect of DEATH RIDES A HORSE is the vocal job that is hold by female singer, Ida Marcussen that definteily destroys the "gothic-metal princess concept" ha ! What a great feeling ! Her voice is powerful, clear, full of rage, desperation, anger & sadness - don't expect angelic/operatic voices here, she sings with her guts and she does it very well and I'm sure this is one of the most important aspects of the band's musical identity, you'll be under the spell of Ida's voice for sure .. need comparisons ? If I had to I'd say Ida's voice is like a mix of Beth Gibbons (of that english trip-hop band PORTISHEAD and another female singer named Ida : Ida Haukland of TRIOSPHERE).. got it ??? The last surprise of this "Pantokrator" release is the last song that is nothing less than an amazing cover version of "Fly To The Rainbow" by SCORPIONS... It's really well interpreted & loyal to the original version. and here once again Ida does wonders, her voice is even at times very sensual & so surprising ! DEATH RIDES A HORSE is definitely on my list of the bands to keep an eye on - their future should bring new great pieces of music !!!


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