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U.D.O. "Decadent" CD
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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 05 February 2015 16:43

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Hell yeah, this is the 15th studio solo album from Mr Dirkschneider a.k.a. "Udo" who is now more than just a Metal singer, he's a true Icon, a Legend of the Metal Music with in his pocket a huge & impressive pile of classic Heavy-Metal albums, released on his own or with his previous band Accept ! And after just a few minutes when listening to the new album, you know that "Decadent" will be added to this pile ! This time, these are 14 songs that will blow you away, from adrenaline-fueled ones like the opening "Speeder" or "Under Your Skin", the catchy ballad 'Secrets In Paradise" to more mid-tempo ones (but still energetic) like "Breathless", "Mystery" (with a strange but still great haunting atmosphere !) or the surprising "Pain" that reminds me of stuff like "Screaming For A Love-Bite" with his particular guitar-riff and melodious chorus... This is a brilliant album that is very enjoyable to listen to - with a massively powerful production, an album every UDO fan will LOVE for sure, some will say this is one more UDO's album, but hell yeah, one more excellent one - and also the proof that after a 36 year-long career, the Man still rocks hard and kicks ass !


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