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MANDRAGORA "First Attack" EP
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Written by Fab   
Sunday, 08 February 2015 19:49


Inkas Noize records


And yes, here it is ! The first 7"EP by new peruvian Heavy-Metal sensation MANDRAGORA ! After a first demo, released in 2010, the band worked damn hard to release this and their improvement is just incredible ! Delivering two songs, this first attack starts with "Lady In Black" first with an intro that I think to be taken from an old horror movie, then a very heavy guitar riff followed by a scream from vocalist Fatima that pierces your ears, all this on a "galloping" rhythm... the song is fast, aggressive, very catchy with great harmonies & melodies.. Twin guitars à la early-Iron Maiden, amazing guitar solos influenced by the likes of Saxon/Judas Priest, this is HEAVY-METAL for sure, in the traditional way ! The vocals are aggressive but melodious and remind me of a cross between Kate (Acid) & Doro (early WARLOCK-days) ! First song, first great impression !
Then comes "Snakebite" on the B-side .. a slower song, with a cool bass/drums intro & more on a mid-tempo but exciting as hell ! Rather different from "Lady In Black" this shows another face of MANDRAGORA musical idendity, especially with the refrain/choruses, alot influenced by 80's US Hard-Rock bands like Ratt/Dokken or other bands like Pretty Maids : pretty catchy ! Some of the bass lines will immediately makes you think of Mr Steve Harris, guitar solos are once again impressive (understand that they're perfectly performed in the right old HM spirit !) and stick perfectly to the music, while the vocals are still amazing & truly "Heavy-Metal" in their ranges but also more "hi-pitched" there which show Fatima abilities in singing !
THIS band is definitely for you if you're into old-school traditional Heavy-Metal without any compromise - I have no doubt these two songs will keep you headbanging like mad while listening to them !


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