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Written by Fab   
Thursday, 12 February 2015 18:37

"Lying Words"


Girls Got Rhythm .. sang Bon Scott some years ago.. and if he had heard those spanish girls named BROKEN LINGERIE he would have laughed hard & thought he was definitely RIGHT !!!
Formed back in 2012 in Madrid, these rock'n'roll ladies brought out their first release "Lying Words" in May 2014 including 5 songs of what I would call "heavy-metal rock'n'roll" drawing influences from the likes of Girlschool & The Runaways, Ac/dc and probably Crucified Barbara to name a few, that's too say, pretty energetic music with great melodies & catchy riffs ! Of course, if you're looking for something definitely innovative, please look further as here we're talking about basic rock'n'roll music.. basic, ok ! but definitely EXCELLENT ! Kinda music that keeps you banging your head, hitting the ground with your foot & screaming out loud the choruses that are really well arranged & catchy as fuck ! The production is just what the music needs, not too clean, not too raw, keeping the instinctive aspect of the music intact ! Raquel Diaz does a really great job on vocals (pretty hot voice with alot of charm) as well on guitars with Ale Adan while the rhythmical work of Sara Pérez (bass) & Raquel Palomo (drums) is damn SOLID ! "Lying Words" is a very great first release that shows a band full of potential ! Go for it & play it loud !


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