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CAIN' S DINASTY "Legacy Of Blood"
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Written by Béa   
Monday, 25 August 2008 04:32

Rompiendo Records/Melodica Records
Release : may 19th 2008


Tracklist « Legacy Of Blood » :cover CAIN'S DINASTY
Legacy Of blood
Two Seconds To Foget Your name
Under The City Lights
Remember The Tragedy
The Journey
Tears Of pain
Infancia Eterna
Come To me
Taking A Look






Cain’s Dinasty is a heavy/power metal spanish group and “Legacy Of Blood” is its first album which has been released with a young French label Melodica Records. Of course it is not an album which will revolutionize the genre but it is well done, with worked and relatively varied compositions. The group definite itself as « vampiric metal »… ok… for me it is heavy/power metal with much speed metal passages. We can find varied influences which go to Rhapsody Of Fire, Edguy, Helloween, etc… The vocalist, Rubén has a very wide vocals register and he can go in the very high pitched notes ! The tracks are epic and melodic with good guitars playing which know to be melodic and powerful and the changing in rhythms are well done with a controlled rhythmic section. The keyboards are well present and give good melodies which bring varied ambiences and atmospheres to the tracks. The tracks are efficient, well done, well interpreted and varied. « Legacy Of Blood » is powerful and fast, « Two Seconds To Forget Your Name » is powerful and heavy with an aggressive side in the vocals, « Come To Me » is an epic ballad, « Taking A Look » is a well speed track. To note one song is interpreted in Spanish « Infancia Eterna ».
Sure nothing revolutionary in this album but it is a solid album which lets presage good future perspective in the style for the group.



Line up :
Rubén Picazo (chant) (vocals)
Roberto García (guitare) (guitars)
Paco Castillo (basse) (bass)
Jose A. Quiles (claviers) (keyboards)
Helios García (batterie) (drums)



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