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1st LIBERATION "You Can Never Tear Apart A Rock'N'Roll Heart"
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Written by Béa   
Thursday, 04 September 2008 05:05

Release : 2008



Heart Of Stone
Another Wicked Smile
It’s So Easy
Stand Up Here
I Can’t See






The swedish group 1st Liberation has just released its demo “You Can Never Tear Apart A Rock’n’Roll Heart”. The style of the group is classic rock. I do not think that the group wants to reinvent the genre neither be original, they just want to play the music they like and share it with us. From the first track of this demo and to the last one… everything is good !!! Good classic rock’n’roll with good compositions, well at place vocals. The tracks are well structured with well done soli. The tracks are groovy at wishes and the vocals are varied. The musicians are good and control their instruments. The group has among its influences the Ramones, AC/DC, etc… you won’t be deceived by listening this demo.
The approach of 1st Liberation is very professional with a much pro CD promo sent, very good quality listening, a nice cover… to be short not much to reproach them except… that it is not sufficiently long !!!
So when a complete album ????



Line up :
Degen (chant/basse) (vocals/basse)
Joakim Yvesand Brännvall (guitare/backing vocals) (guitars/backing vocals)
Erik Henriksson (guitare) (guitars)
André Nordlund (batterie) (drums)



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