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GUITARSNAKE "One Life Is Not Enough"
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 05 October 2008 05:12

Release : july 2008

Tracklist “One Life Is Not Enough”:cover GUITARSNAKE
I Have A Dream
I Believe
On The Road
Thinking Of You







Guitarsnake, alias Nicolas Notarianni, young french guitarist releases here his first album
“One Life Is Not Enough”. It is an instrumental heavy rock/metal album. It is clear that Nicolas’ influences are great shredders guitarists with Joe Satriani ahead. Whatever one of the seven tracks of the album, there is a lot of emotion, feeling in Nicolas’ playing. He allies technique, melody and emotion.
The tracks are following one another perfectly whatever the used style like « I Have A Dream » with heavy riffs, very metal, a very melancholic track or « On The Road » with its funky side or with « Silvian » much more slower, with its very melodic parts.
The compositions have the benefit of good worked arrangements and well done guitars playings, at the same times melodic and technique without going in the demonstrative … each of the tracks is accessible, approachabl, for all who could be put off simply because it is an instrumental album. He also uses samples like is in the intro which begins with a Martin Luther King speech. The “wah-wah” pedal is very present but use in a good way and in a rigorous manner. Two titles are dedicated to his influences one to Joe Satriani and the other one to Patrick Rondat. To note a prestigious guest, Victor Lafuente on the track “On The Road”.
It is a nice album to listen because all being technique there is not “display” of these one and the melody and the musicality stay the principal elements of this album and I only regret that it is not longer because it is only 30 minute length.
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Line up :
Nicolas Notarianni (guitare/claviers/batterie) (guitars/keyboards/drums)
Marc Johnson (basse) (bass)




Contacts :


BASE Prods Present :

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