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BULLET "Bite The Bullet"
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Written by Fab   
Monday, 20 October 2008 15:33

BLACK LODGE/Sound Pollution

Tracklist :
Pay The Price
Bite The Bullet
Dusk Till Dawn
Nailed To The Ground
City Of Sins
Waste My Time
Rock N roll Remedy
Rock us Tonight
Wheels Keep On Turning
The Rebels Return

Hell Yeah ! "Heading For The Top", their first album, released in 2006 made on me a great impression & I was really curious about the follower that is finally out, two years later ! For some people, this new album won't bring much compared to the first one, the style being always the same, that's to say : Old School Hard-Rock/Heavy-Metal in its purest form ! So what ? Does it mean this is bad ? Do we blame AC/DC or MOTORHEAD for playing the same stuff after 30 years ? Fuck, NO ! So why should we blame those swedes ??? They play old-school heavy-rockin metal and they do it well - with passion, guts & blood !

"Bite The Bullet" is made of 11 songs that will directly drive you to the glorious days of the 80's dirty hard-rock when AC/DC, Judas Priest ruled the scene (Hey, they still rule it !!!) - First of all, the characteristic voice of singer Hell Hofer will remind you of Brian Johnson for sure & maybe of an angry Rob Halford ! Kick Ass !!! This perfectly fits the music !!! The rhythmical parts are always really heavy & fast - definitely OK for a crazy headbanging ! And the guitars... maybe the most enjoyable part of the album, both guitarist work together very well and bring "Bite The Bullet" to an excellent level !

Well, once again, that's only rock'n'roll here, but really heavy & efficient ! Every true hard-rockers should have & love this album for sure ! Songs like "Pay The Price", "Bite The Bullet", "Dusk Till Dawn", "Wheels Keep On Turning" or "The Rebels Return" are pure jewels full of groove & feelings ! I highly recommend BULLET to all who can't get enough from AC/DC, ROSE TATOO, AIRBOURNE & the great fuckin' rock'n'roll style !!!

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