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SAXON "Into The Labyrinth"
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Written by Béa   
Friday, 09 January 2009 05:14

SPV/Replica Records
Release : January 12th 2009

Tracklist “Into The Labyrinth” :
Battalions Of Steel
Live To Rock
Demon Sweeny Todd
The Letter
Valley Of The Kings
Slow Lane Blues
Crime Of Passion
Premonition In D Minor
Protect Yourself
Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
Coming Home (Bottleneck Version)

“Into The Labyrinth” is the 19th studio album from Saxon and is following “The Inner Sanctum” released in 2007. The album begins with « Battalions Of Steel », a very epic track with important symphonic keyboards layers and very present choirs. We also find, of course, the track « Live To Rock » that we had already heard in the single. The tracks are classic, of a very good level, they ally at the same time classic metal, speed metal, the all of it with a modern sound. One of the best tracks of this album is for me « Valley Of The Kings », with a superb break, a very good guitar solo and an implacable refrain. The album is varied with powerful, heavy and fast songs, others more mid tempo and even a ballad « Voice ». Vocally speaking Biff Byford is at level and does not lost his superb voice. The musicians are not at rest and control perfectly their instruments. It is hard to take out one track rather than another one because the compositions are all worked and of excellent quality.
At the end, it is an excellent album that we listen and listen again with the same pleasure and I can only recommend it to you.

Line up :
Biff Byford (chant) (vocals)
Paul Quinn (guitare) (guitars)
Doug Scaratt (guitare) (guitars)
Nibbs Carter (basse) (bass)
Nigel Glocker (batterie) (drums)

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