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LUNATICA "New Shores"
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Written by Béa   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 03:58

Napalm Records
Release : february 27th 2009

Tracklist « New Shores » :pochette lunatica
New Shores
Two Dreamers
The Incredibles
The Chosen Ones
Into the Dissonance
The Day the Falcon Dies
Farewell my Love
Hearts of A Lion
My Hardest Walk
Winds of Heaven
How did it come to this

Lunatica has released its fourth album“New Shores” with Napalm Records. The group evolves into melodic symphonic metal with some progressive influences. I admit staying a little mixed on this album after several listenings … I explain myself : it is not an exceptional album, it is not good neither bad, it is not much catchy as a whole and is lacking a little of some “punch, it is just nice to listen. However the first title « New Shores » was letting us see good perspective for this album … There are too many mid temps and relatively slow tracks. The tracks are melodic, well orchestrated with well present keyboards and are well interpreted by Andréa and choirs are also very present. Besides an excellent production the compositions do not seem to be much powerful and however some passages are powerful like in « The Day The Falcon Dies » and there are two guitars ! It does still is that if you like the style, you will give a chance to this « New shores ».

Line up :
Andrea (chant) (vocals)
Sandro (guitare) (guitars)
Marc (guitare) (guitars)
Emilio (basse) (bass)
Alex (claviers) (keyboards)
Ronnie (batterie) (drums)

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