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GEORGES BELLAS "Step Into The Future"
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Written by Béa   
Thursday, 16 April 2009 06:04

Lion Music
Release : january 20th 2009

Tracklist “Step Into The Future” :cover george bellas
Step Into The Future

Here’s the very new George Bellas’ album “Step Into The Future”. The style is still very good quality progressive rock/metal. The album has only one and unique track of a 76 minute length and this one makes us travel in an instrumental universe. An instrumental universe where we could have for image constellations … this track shows us all George Bellas talent, because it is complex, has different musical themes, different manner of composing, uses guitars and keyboards/piano with as much as easiness. It is not an album easy to review because I would need to take much time and ten or so of listening to apprehend all the wealth and the quality before reviewing it and unfortunately I am lacking of it … of time … when listening several times this album, at least this track, the one thing that be taken out is that you really must like instrumental to listen it because the risk of finding it tiring will be there … I do not know if the fact of having created one and unique track at the place of several is a true advantage. If some parts are melodic and possess a lot of musicality, I think that others on the contrary are lacking of it and it is rather the technique side which is out, rightly on the detriment of the melody … And I’m not always catch with them because I cannot find the finality … As well if “Step Into The Future » is globally a success it still is that there are missing some “memorable” passages that we could easily remember and sing along in head. Too bad because it really has good ideas.

Line up :
George Bellas (guitare/basse/claviers) (guitars/bass/keyboards)
Marco Minneman (batterie) (drums)

Contacts :

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